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May FCW Report

Taking Initiative

Hello Fellow Cattlemen and CattleWomen, I do not know about you, but it sure has been a busy one over in the Florida CattleWomen’s corner. You know we have all been around those, who can talk a good game and have all the answers, but when it comes time to putting the plan into motion it does not come to pass and is forgotten for another new game plan, that will also never be executed. This brings me to why I selected the title of my Florida CattleWomen’s May Article; “Taking Initiative” if you are from the old school like myself, one of the first things you are taught by your parents is to “Take Initiative” in something that needs to be done, don’t sit around and talk about it over and over, get up and get it done. I am afraid in today’s world, parents have taught their children the gift of presenting one’s self so well, but fail in following up with teaching their children to “Take Initiative.” The sad truth of it also is, I see this lack of initiative being carried out in the agriculture arena concerning the development of leadership qualities with our youth. I have had the opportunity to spend some time with several of our youth in leadership development and they are all very polished in the art of conversation, but when pressed to speak on personal examples where these young men and ladies have taken initiative to advocate for the Agriculture or Beef Industry, you immediately see the “Deer in the Headlights Look.” So if nothing else hits home to you from reading this article, let it be, to start taking initiative in keeping this association and industry alive by actively doing something physical, than talking a good game, believe me, the people who are against us is “Taking Initiative” everyday to win people to their way of thinking.

Keeping on with the theme of “Taking Initiative” Florida Cattle- Women has been all over the state of Florida, popping up where you would least expect us. I would like to follow up with the outstanding Firefighter Beef Appreciation Lunches Beef Promotion. Oh, what a SUCCESS STORY, this Beef Promotion has been for the Beef Industry in our state and the best part is we are not even done with this Beef Promotion. Florida CattleWomen has several more Firefighter Beef Appreciation Lunches and Dinners scheduled later this month. Please take a moment to look at all the pictures connected with this article of Florida Cattle- Women visiting with Firefighters throughout this state, sharing with the First Responders that the Beef Industry cares and supports them everyday. Now, some of you, might be saying, “I do not know why CattleWomen are promoting the Beef Industry in Firehouses across the state of Florida, because Firefighters eat Beef regularly.” Well, I am hear to share with you, in our visits to these firehouses that many firefighters do not have Beef in their regular diet, second, the majority do not know there is a Cattlemen or CattleWomen’s Association in the State of Florida. So, we need to “take initiative” and share with anybody and everybody that yes, it is important to have beef in one’s diet and second, “Hello, it nice to meet you, and let me share with you what the Florida Cattlemen and CattleWomen’s Association is all about.”

We have all heard the saying, “Pictures are worth a thousand words.” Then let these pictures in this article speak to you in the expression of love for the state and this industry these ladies have. I have had the pleasure of being involved in many Beef Promotions throughout the years, but I cannot tell you enough how this Beef Promotion has meant to so many people. May we all continue to put as much love and support in future Beef Promotions. Nothing is better, then receiving a video of the Marion County CattleWomen being driven around Ocala, FL, in a Fire truck with the sirens going and the girls and firefighters having a great time, that to me is what a great Beef Promotion is all about.

As you read this magazine, Florida CattleWomen is busy at the Florida State Fair, promoting the Beef Industry. This year because of health concerns, Florida CattleWomen was not able to pass Beef Samples to fair attendees. Not letting this setback stop us in our tracks, we reinvented the wheel, in that we will be passing samples of the many Beef By-Products that is derived from Beef. From tubes of Chap Stick, Emery Boards, Chewing Gum, you name it, if it is a Beef By-Product we will be sharing samples with the Fair Goers. We are also lucky, “Ivan the Bull” will be visiting us from Polk County. “Ivan the Bull” belongs to the Polk County CattleWomen’s Association and is a wood cut out of a bull that is used as an interactive display in sharing different points the Beef Industry plays in everyday life. I cannot wait to share with you the many stories that will come from this year’s Florida State Fair.

As the month of May is National Beef Month, Florida CattleWomen, continues to share of the love of the Beef Industry with the Girl Scouts of Gateway Council. As I stated in my last month’s article it is very important to share with our up and coming women leaders how the Beef Industry plays a part in their lives. As most of you know, many strong women leaders were once a Girl Scout, so we as Florida CattleWomen must take initiative in creating relationships with these young ladies. For all we know, one of these young ladies might someday be the next President of the United States and because of the ranch tours we offered to the Girl Scouts, she has a true understanding of the Beef Industry.

For the month of May, Florida CattleWomen is launching our annual Beef for Father’s Day Campaign. This year will be more of an interactive campaign between the children and their Dad’s. What a great way to advocate for the Beef Industry through the stories children will share of their life on the ranch with Dad. I want to remind all Florida CattleWomen to please sign up for the upcoming Florida Cattle- Women’s Ranch Tour, Saturday, May 15th, at Deseret Ranch, in St. Cloud, FL. We are so fortunate to have so many great ranches in the state of Florida and Deseret Ranch is one of these great ranches. I encourage everyone to please sign up at floridacattlewomen@yahoo.com to attend this great event.

Also during the month of May, Florida CattleWomen advertises one of our many great scholarships for youth involved in the Beef Industry. I am happy to share that Florida CattleWomen offers a Trade School Scholarship for a youth that plans to attend a Trade School upon graduating High School. This Scholarship is a $500.00 scholarship that can be used at any Accredited Trade School in the state of Florida. Florida CattleWomen encourages any youth planning to attend a Trade Vocation School, past High School, to apply for this wonderful Scholarship. As our Florida Cattlemen and CattleWomen’s Convention approaches, I would like to share with you another great Cattle-Women’s event that will be occurring at convention this year. In lieu of the fashion show during the welcoming reception, Florida CattleWomen will be hosting the County CattleWomen’s Feud, (Think Family Feud), this fun interactive, highly competitive game, will be put into action, so be thinking of your county team, be thinking of those questions that could be asked; for example, “What is the first thing a Cowboy does in the morning?” The questions will be fun, informative, and bring CattleWomen together, as we each eat a bowl of Ice Cream, and chuckle to the answers that will be given. Make plans to attend this great 2021 Florida Cattlemen and CattleWomen’s Convention.

In closing, I challenge you to “Take Initiative” to make the Beef Industry a better industry. I challenge you to “Take Initiative” to get your fellow Cattlemen and CattleWomen to be- come more involved and grow membership. I especially challenge you to “Take Initiative” to ignite our youth to “Take Initiative” and actively lead our industry in the year’s to come.


Casie Holloway
Florida CattleWomen

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